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Success Stories

Over the years, American Dream Journeys has assisted hundreds of individuals with realizing the American Dream of homeownership. Below are just a couple of the many success stories we've helped to make possible.

Home ownership assistance success stories.“Our American Dream wasn’t to buy a home, but it was to rebuild on our existing property.  We didn’t think we could possibly afford a brand new home; at least not until we called Gena Sprabarry.  Not only did she find a way for us to buy a new house from a lender when other companies turned us down, she found a way for us to get our house with no down payment and very small closing cost.  So low we had enough money left over to purchase a brand new refrigerator, a washer and a dryer.  We have also become more responsible paying our mortgage payments and other finances on time.  Gena is a God sent.  She went way beyond the call.”

Phyllis and Phylicia Robb
Ft. Worth, Texas


“My sincere heartfelt appreciation goes out to Gena Sprabarry for helping me get into my new home. Gena told me about a loan that she said mortgage companies can’t do.  It’s called a direct loan.  You have to apply directly to USDA.  Ms. Sprabarry said that I would qualify for a direct loan with the government because of my low, low income.  If she hadn’t told me this, I wouldn’t have ever known.  Thank you Miss Gena!”

Bonnie Brown
Woodward, Oklahoma