American Dream Journeys

Helping you achieve the American Dream
of Homeownership.





Home ownership assistance.

Benefits to Employer

American Dream Journeys takes your employees from Step 1 to the Finish Line of Homeownership.
The journey is generally completed within 1 to 12 months...based on employee credit history.

  1. Homeownership brings with it responsibility and a sense of pride and satisfaction. Therefore, the employer will have a more responsible and satisfied employee.
  2. Employees will have permanent roots through homeownership, thereby helping to reduce turnover.
  3. Given the times, employer will be able to reinforce the continuation of employee's healthy thoughts about job and company.
  4. Employee will have a strong sense of loyalty and appreciation toward employer for helping them achieve their American Dream...
    Especially if the employer is able to provide payroll deduction for mortgage payments via ACH. This employee opportunity will be available very soon!

Wonderful News!! This journey is about to be shortened dramatically!

American Dream Journeys is partnering with a Mortgage Servicing Company and will be their new " Specialty Division". Employees that are credit challenged ( in most cases ) will be able to be approved for a mortgage loan if they are open to a "payroll deduction for their mortgage payment " from their employer.   Please click here for more details (.pdf).