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About Us

American Dream Journeys was founded in 1998 by ReGena Sprabary. A professional in Real Estate and Mortgage Lending for over 27 years, she has been very successful in opening and running mortgage branches and being a top producer in her field. Her knowledge of the industry, especially her mastery in government lending, has enabled her to help thousands of first-time home buyers and credit challenged buyers overcome their obstacles and realize their dream of becoming homeowners.

ReGena’s desire to form American Dream Journeys seminars, was a result of:

  • Years of hearing horror stories of misguided people who had paid hard earned money to various organizations in hopes of getting the guidance and assistance that they need to achieve their dream of homeownership.

  • Receiving, in her branch, mass loan applications of people who had watched televised infomercials and unfortunately became a member of organizations that charged as much as $500.00 for membership

What amazed her was the number of people that joined such an organization.  These same people could have walked through her doors on any given day and received the same help and saved themselves $500.00 in the process. It soon became clear to her that people just don't know where to turn for HELP!!!

For many years, ReGena has not only worked to assist folks with becoming homeowners, but has worked pro-actively within the lending industry to affect positive change. Click here for an example of her perseverance.